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How to set the voice message length in Cisco Unity 4.0


Cisco Unity 4.0 allows users to set the allowed recording length for messages left by unidentified callers.

Recipients might want to limit the length of messages from unidentified callers. Whereas some departments such as Customer Service might want to permit much longer messages.

The maximum recording length of messages left by unidentified callers is set on the Subscribers > Subscribers > Messages page.

The Bulk Edit Tool allows you to change the recording length for all of your users. Complete these steps to use the Bulk Edit Tool:

  1. Select Cisco Unity Tools Depot > Bulk Edit > Add Subscribers to Grid > Messages > Maximum Messages Length.    

  2. Change the value to your desired message length. The maximum is 1200.  

    Note: If enabled, a warning tone sounds before the maximum message length is reached.

Refer to the Subscriber Messages Settings section of Subscriber Settings for more information.

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