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How to set up a holiday greeting in Cisco Unity

Core Issue

All call handlers in Cisco Unity operate on a schedule, which you can find on the profile page for that call handler. The schedule dictates whether the    standard or the closed greeting is played. The standard greeting is a greeting played during regular office hours. The closed greeting is played after regular office hours.


In the system administrator in Cisco Unity, under the Schedule option, there are several default schedules. Use the Find option on the tool bar in order to locate the defaults. Once a schedule is selected from the Edit Schedule table, and a block is checked, the standard greeting is played for that 30-minute block of time. If a block is unchecked, the closed greeting plays.

According to Cisco Unity documentation, the system plays closed greetings and observes closed transfer rules when a holiday setting is in effect. You can    configure several years of holidays at one time. You can also copy holidays from one    year to the next, and just adjust the dates as necessary.

Note: Because many holidays fall on different dates each year, confirm that the holiday schedule remains accurate for the current year.

For more details on how to set up holiday greetings, refer to Setting up a Holiday Greeting for Cisco Unity.

Unity Version

Unity 4.x, Unity 3.x, Unity 2.x

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