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How to set up the Cisco IP phone expansion module 7914 on a 7960 IP Phone in a Cisco CallManager Express system


Follow the steps to add 7914 to 7960 ip phone:

  1)  Specify load under the telephony-service
  2) Configure ephone for it
  3) Specify it to be 7960 with extension
  4) Assign ephone-dn to it
  5) Ensure the router have tftp-server for the load so the phone can pick it up.


load 7960-7940
load 7914


ephone  1
mac-address xxxx.xxxx.xxxx
type 7960 addon 1 7914
button 1:1 2:2 7m2 8m3 9m4 10m5

Refer to configuring phone to make basic calls section of Cisco Unified Communicaiton Manager Express System Administration Guide

Refer to the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7914 Expansion Module for Cisco CallManager Express 3.2 and Later section of Cisco Unified IP Phone User Guide for Cisco CallManager Express 3.2 and Later for information on how to configure the Cisco IP phone expansion module 7914.

The Cisco Unified IP phone expansion module 7914 is only available on these Cisco Unified IP phones:

  • 796XG/G-GE

  • 797XG/GE

Refer to Cisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module 7914 for more information.

For more information on supported fimware in CME refer to Cisco Unified CME 4.2 Supported Firmware, Platforms, Memory, and Voice Products

For troubleshooting 7914 expansion module refer to the document The Cisco IP phone 7914 expansion module does not register with the Cisco CallManager, or it reboots intermittently

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