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How to turn off authentication at Edge Proxy (CSCP 3.0)

Core Issue

The user is unable to register the Inno Media phone, even after commenting out this information from the dsedge.cfg file and re-loading the new configuration, then committing it again.

!- load-xcl -s dsedge_auth -f dsedge_auth.xcl

!- load-xcl -s dsedge_auth_action -f dsedge_auth_action.xcl


To turn off authentication, perform these steps:

  1. Log in into Edge Proxy by issuing this command:
    telnet localhost < 8070 >

  2. To change context to xcl, issue this command:

    dsedge-EP>context xcl

  3. From the Command Line Interface (CLI), issue this command:

    dsedge-EP[xcl]> xcl-cli-params  -n authentication -v false

  4. To save the changes to the dsedge.cfg file, issue this command:

    commit < version-number >

  5. To verify changes issue this command:

    view xcl-cli-params
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