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How to verify COP file is installed properly on Jabber for Android?



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How to verify Jabber for Andriod 9.X COP file has been installed properly?




As you aware, Jabber for Android 9.x required COP file cmterm-android_9.0.1v24.cop.sgn to be installed on all CUCM servers. How to check whether the COP file has been installed properly on CUCM Servers?


1. Run the below command from CUCM ssh console to see if the COP file is appearing.



admin:show version active


Active Master Version:


Active Version Installed Software Options:










After installing the COP file, all the servers must be rebooted. Sometimes customer could just installed the COP but didn't reboot the server.  You need to reboot the server after the installing the COP file.  Just restarting the TFTP service is not enough.


2. Verify the COP file installation on CUCM



Step 1       Sign in to the Unified CM Administration portal.

Step 2       Choose Device > Phone.

Step 3       Click Add New.

Step 4       From the Phone Type drop-down list, choose Cisco Dual Mode for Android.

Step 5       Click Next.

Step 6       Scroll down to the Product Specific Configuration Layout section, and verify that you can see the Enable SIP Digest Authentication drop-down list.


If you can see the Enable SIP Digest Authentication drop-down list, the COP file is already installed on your system.



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