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ICM Router and Logger Installation and Configuration


Cisco Unified ICM Component Installation

Configure Domain Manager

Now start the Cisco Unfied ICM installation by running the setup.exe. The first step to configure the domain manager before we can start the installation of ICM Router




Now click the Domain Manager



Domain is already selected in our case, so Add Cisco root




Add facility




And finally, add the instance. These setups are straightforward.



CUICM Router Installation


Click the Add button next to ICM Instance.



And select the instance name which is icm1 in this example.




Then click Add instance component button and add Router



Select ICM Router Properties.



Don’t select any NIC. Leave all the options as default. The Customer ID is insignificant for us.




Make sure you check two PGs in the following screen. Because in our setup we are installing one for CUCM and second as VRU PG for CVP.


It is best practice to use ip addresses rather the hostname for the following screen and other similar installation screeen during CUICM component installation.


Router setup is about to finish.



After the installation is done, make sure you see following six processes running. They might not be active but this is ok for now.




Logger Installation


Create ICMDB on Logger

Before installing other component it is good idea to create ICMDB on the logger machine. Run the icmdba.exe file from the local icm directory. You might see following two warning messages. Accept these options and say Yes to them.





Now create the ICM DataBase using the ICMDBA.EXE utility.




You might also see following warning message that you should accept and click Yes.




Select Memory and Recovery interval from the following and leave else as default.




Notice that the Data Base is not created yet and you have only taken care of the above warning messages. Now try to create the data base again.




This time since all the necessary changes are already made, you will be able to create the database. Now add data and log databases to the list and create the database.






You will notice a screen similar to the following screen and once the database is created successfully click OK.






Next Step - Administrative Workstation (AW) Installation and Configuration

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New Member

Dear Syed,

First of all, I would like to say thanks to you. You postings helped me a lot as I the first time working on IPCC.

Second, I had a trouble when I tried to install Logger component (CallRouter was installed successfully). Hope you can give me some advices.

When I tried to install Logger, It shown a message " the collation of Microsoft SQL server on this machine is unsupported" and the installation was stoped. I read you posting anh saw that you run "ICMDBA.EXE" before install Logger, but I can't find that application on my server (c:\icm\bin). I don't know why? And I don't know that does it cause the Logger installation failure.

Your help is highly appreciated! thank you in advance!

best regards,

Huy Tran


Make sure to install SQL server with the Latin Collation with Binary enabled. I discussed it in the previous doc. Also ICMDBA must be there. I dont know why you dont find it in your directory.