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iDivert for 99xx phones




    This document describes softkey customization and iDivert for the 99xx phones


    Problem description


    Softkey customization and iDivert for the 99xx phones is not supported as on the other phones. The 99xx and 89xx phones support Feature Control Policy which allows customer to enable/disable certain features. In this document we will learn the steps to configure it.




    1- Create a Feature Control Policy under Device options.

    2- Enable the features you require, for this one, we would need Divert (Alerting) and Divert (Connected).for the new policy.

    3- Added to the Phones.



    Detailed Steps:-




    Step 1


    From Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, choose Device > Device Settings > Feature Control Policy.The Find and List Feature Control Policy window displays.


    Step 2


    Click Add New to define a set of policies.


    Step 3


    Enter the following settings.


    Name-                              Enter a name for a new Feature Control Policy

    Description-(Optional)        Enter a description.

    Feature Control Section-    Check the checkboxes for the features that you want to change the default setting.


    Step 4


    Click Save.


    Step 5


    Apply the policy to the phone by including it in the following settings.


    Enterprise Parameters Configuration-          Applies to all phones in the system.

    Common Phone Profile Configuration-          Applies to all phones in a group.

    Phone Configuration-                                  Applies to an individual phone


    Step 6


    Reset the phones.


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