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Implementing Ingress and VXML Gateway Operations with CVP

This document provides a sample configuration for Ingress and VXML gateways with CVP solution in comprehensive deployment. Where both of these functions are residing on different boxes.

  1. Transfer at least following Unified CVP gateway scripts and .wav files only to the Ingress Gateway, using the Unified CVP Operations Console:
              bootstrap.tcl handoff.tcl survivabilty.tcl bootstrap.vxml recovery.vxml ringtone.tcl cvperror.tcl ringback.wav critical_error.wav
  1. Configure the base gateway settings.
  2. Configure the service gateway settings.
  3. Configure an incoming Pots dial-peer.
  4. Configure a dial-peer for ringtone and error.

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New Member

This is not a document, this is a syllabus. 

I agre with you. It used to be a proper document but I think something went wrong recently and the document is truncated. Let me see if I can find the original doc and complete it again.