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In Cisco CallManager 3.3(2), the subscriber upgrade fails after upgrading the publisher to 3.3(3)

Core Issue

The publisher was upgraded to 3.3(3), but the subscriber was not upgraded at that time. Later, when performing the upgrade on the subscriber, the upgrade fails during the installation of Directory Services.


Many times this is caused by performing two Cisco CallManager upgrades on the publisher, while performing none on the subscriber. Sometimes a user upgrades temporarily to version 3.3(2) on the publisher, and then to version 3.3(3). However, when the subscriber tries to upgrade to version 3.3(2), the publisher is already at version 3.3(3), and the subscriber upgrade fails.

A fix that has worked in some cases is to change the IntegratedInstallVersion value on the publisher registry to match the older subscriber entry. When the subscriber checks for version compliance, it will read the fake entry that this describes.

Set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Directory Configuration to Note the existing value before changing it to Set the same value as the version being installed on the subscriber. If version 3.3(2) is installed on subscriber, the IntegratedInstallVersion packaged with version 3.3(2) is Check this with any version 3.3(2) server. This enables version 3.3.(2) to be installed on the subscriber.

Do not leave Cisco CallManager with this registry hack in place. The long-term consequences have not been tested.

For more background information on CallManager installation and upgrades, refer to Cisco CallManager Installation Guides.