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In Cisco CallManager 4.0(1), the user cannot connect to the Cisco IP Communicator. The Registration Rejected:Error Mismatch and DBconfig error message is displayed

Core Issue

The Cisco CallManager 4.0(1) documentation makes incorrect reference to the Cisco IP Communicator as a supported phone type for CallManager 4.0(1).

Cisco IP Communicator is not supported in this release of Cisco CallManager, and it     is currently supported by only 3.3(3) SR 3 and newer versions of the 3.3 CallManager. Ignore all references to Cisco IP Communicator in this documentation.

There is a Cisco bug written to address the confusion caused by the discrepancy    in the Cisco CallManager 4.0(1) document. The release notes of the CallManager 4.0(1) also indicates this discrepancy.

These are the excerpts from the release notes of the Cisco CallManager 4.0(1)    addressing the discrepancy:

Cisco IP Communicator
Cisco CallManager documentation incorrectly references Cisco IP Communicator.
Cisco CallManager Release 4.0(1) does not support Cisco IP Communicator.

To read the release notes of the Cisco CallManager 4.0(1) addressing the discrepancy,    refer to Release Notes for Cisco CallManager Release 4.0(1).


This issue is addressed by the Cisco bug ID: CSCed55971.

Cisco IP Communicator version 1.1(1) supports these Cisco CallManager releases:

  • Cisco CallManager 3.3: version 3.3(3) service release 3 or later, including 3.3(4)        
  • Cisco CallManager 4.0: version 4.0(1) service release 2 or later, with feature support the same as in the 3.3(x) release.

To download or upgrade to these Cisco CallManager versions, refer to Software Downloads.

Note: Survivable Remote Site Telephony version 3.1 (or earlier) and Cisco CallManager Express version 3.1 (or earlier) do not support Cisco IP Communicator.

For additional information on Cisco CallManager support for Cisco IP Communicator, refer to:

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