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In Cisco CallManager 4.x, calls are not transferred to the CallManager Attendant Console queue if all the hunt group members are busy

Core Issue

Users can configure a pilot point to support call queuing so that Cisco CallManager Attendant Console sends calls to a queue when a call comes to pilot point and all hunt groups members are busy.


To enable call queueing in the Attendant Console, configure three parameters in the Attendant Console configuration tool. Perform these steps:

  1. Open the acconfig.bat file located in the C:\Program  Files\Cisco\CallManagerAttendant\bin directory on the Cisco CallManager  Attendant Console server.
  2. Select the Advanced Tab.
  3. Check the Enable Queuing box.
  4. Specify the Queue Size.
  5. Specify the Hold Time (in Seconds).

For more information, refer to the Understanding Call Queuing section ofCisco CallManager Attendant Console.

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