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In Cisco CallManager 4.x, the Call Forward All fails with the "Error Database" error message and then a fast busy tone

Core Issue

In the Cisco CallManager 4.1, when Call Forward All (CFwdAll) is pressed and the number is input, the Error Database error is received, and then a busy signal sounds.


There can be multiple reasons for a CFwdAll failure. These are some of the reasons:

  • The IP phone that requests the CFwdAll operation must choose a destination dialed number (DN) that is contained in a Calling Search Space (CSS) or a partition that this phone has rights to call. For example, if the IP phone is not allowed to place calls to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), any attempts to set the phone to forward calls to an outside number fail.
  • The Database Unreachable message displays on the IP phone 7960 or 7940 when the subscriber Cisco CallManager has Structured Query Language (SQL) connection or replication problems with the publisher Cisco CallManager. A function or a feature request that requires the subscriber to access the SQL database on the publisher triggers this message. Check for replication errors and basic network connectivity. Refer to Reestablishing a Broken Cisco CallManager Cluster SQL Subscription for more information.

    Note: If the
    Error Database error message appears and a busy signal sounds when there is an attempt to forward calls, restart the Telephony Call Dispatcher (TCD) Service in order to resolve the issue. Refer to the Activating the Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher Service section of Cisco CallManager Attendant Console Configuration for more information on how to restart the TCD Service.
  • It is possible to have a phone stuck in a forwarding situation, that is, the CFwdAll cannot be cleared from the IP phone itself.
  • An IP phone must not be set to CFwdAll to a destination that results in a loop situation. For example, Phone A forwards to Phone B, Phone B forwards to Phone C, and Phone C forwards back to Phone A. Cisco CallManager has a Max Forwards Hops to DN service parameter, with a default value of 12, in order to detect loop conditions and drop the call. In order to change this default value, go to the Cisco CallManager administration page, and choose Service > Service Parameters, scroll down to Clusterwide Parameters and choose Feature > Forward > Max Forwards Hops to DN.
  • A line is configured to CFwdAll and placed within a hunt group. If a call comes to the pilot number for that hunt group and that line is selected, it does not forward the call to the destination number. In this case, it simply rings the line. If the call is directly placed to the line, then the call is properly forwarded to the configured destination number.

Also, restart the DBL component on all of the servers from Start > Program Files > Admin Tools > Component Services > Expand Component Services > Computer > My Computer > Com + Applications. Right-click the DBL and choose Shutdown and then Start.

Refer to Cisco CallManager Issues with Call Forward All for more information.

Also, refer to these Cisco bug IDs for information about known issues:

  • Cisco bug ID CSCdw94888 Delay between activating/deactivating CFwdAll and actual forwarding
  • Cisco bug ID CSCeb26362 IP Phone CFwdAll functionality is unusable/out-of-sync
  • Cisco bug ID CSCdx73743 Unable to disable CFwdAll once it has been enabled
  • Cisco bug ID CSCea50393 Unable to perform CFwdAll if shared line on same device is offhook
  • Cisco bug ID CSCdr03425 AVVID: Allow additional line appearances to be forwarded from phone
  • Cisco bug ID CSCds43736 Feature Req: Call Fwd loops should be handled gracefully by Cisco CallManager
  • Cisco bug ID CSCec54565 CFA does not work if line is in hunt group