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In Cisco CallManager 4.x, when an inbound call to an IP phone is answered by a cellular phone with MobilityManager, the call drops

Core Issue

On Cisco CallManager 4.x with MobilityManager when the Mobile Connect feature is used, an inbound call rings an IP phone as well as a cellular phone, but when the call is answered from the cellular phone, the call drops and the calling party hears a busy tone. If the call is answered from the IP phone, everything works fine.


In order to resolve this issue, complete these steps:

  1. First update the Java Telephony API (JTAPI) Plugin from the Cisco Unified MobilityManager Administration Window.

  2. Choose System > System Parameters.

  3. Change Enable Auto Update JTAPI File, and choose Yes to Always Update JTAPI File.

  4. Also, uncheck SSL for CCMPluginsServer in IIS Manager.

  5. If there is a phone in the remote site, make sure that the Transcoder is added to the media resource gateway list (MRGL).

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