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In Cisco CallManager 5.x, after a manual backup is started, the "Failed to initiate backup. Unable to access SFTP server" error message appears and the backup fails

Core Issue

The Disaster Recovery System (DRS) backup fails to transfer files to the SFTP server. These errors appear in the drfMAxxxxx.log located at activelog/platform/drf/trace:

  • ERROR [drfBackupTarStatusMonitor] - drfBackup.drfTarStatusMonitor:: SFTP list matching tar's resulted in nonZero return value:
  • ERROR [drfBackupTarStatusMonitor] - drfBackup.drfTarStatusMonitor:: SFTP list std out : initial args in

The problem occurs during a manual backup or a scheduled backup operation with Disaster Recovery System.


This issue is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsj12178, which is superseded by Cisco bug ID CSCsi80320.

The workaround requires remote access to the server.

This issue is fixed in these versions:

  • 5.1(2.3000.1)

  • 5.1(2.1102.1)

  • 6.0(0.9901.249)

  • 6.0(1.1000.14)

  • 6.0(1.1101.2)

Open a case with Cisco Technical Support with the TAC Service Request Tool in order to obtain an appropriate Engineering Special patch or to complete the workaround, which requires remote access. Refer to the document  DRF backup of the Cisco CallManager 5.x does not proceed to troubleshoot backup failure.