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In Cisco CallManager 5.x, an unknown entry, "1.(LASTNAME)," is displayed on the IP Phone when a user lookup for the corporate directory is performed. This entry, however, is not found in the CCMAdmin

Core Issue

In the Cisco CallManager 5.x, sometimes an unknown entry is found in the corporate directory. When a lookup on an IP Phone for the corporate directory is performed, there is one more entry added from the Cisco CallManager admin page, and this entry is not shown. The phantom entry displayed on the IP Phone  is 1.(LASTNAME). When the button Edit Dial is pressed, it is blank. This entry cannot be found anywhere on Cisco CallManager admin page.


This user is generated as a result of a User Template that was configured in the Bulk Administration pages. In order to resolve this issue, delete the User Template from Bulk Administration > Users > User Template after the users are imported.

Refer to the User Template section in Cisco Unified CallManager Bulk Administration Guide, Release 5.0(4) for more information.