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In Cisco Unity 4.x, Cisco Unity IP Fax outbound fails and receives the "The fax you attempted to send could not be successfully delivered because attempts to render the attachment(s) were unsuccessful" Non Delivery Receipt

Core Issue

When an attempt is made to set up Cisco Unity IP Fax, it is not possible to logon to the fax email account on the Microsoft Exchange server. Even though Cisco Unity uses the UnityMsgStoreSvc account, which has the proper permissions. The account is a valid email account because it is possible to send/receive mail to it from any other email client.

Also, it is possible to send outbound faxes through a direct email to fax=[NUMBER]@e-mail. But, outbound faxes can not be sent when Cisco Unity is involved. The Cisco Unity server fails to render the attachments.


This issue occurs when ODCDAEMON.EXE is not started. ODCDAEMON must be started manually, or as a separate service. Refer to the notes in the readme.txt file, under Running ODCDAEMON as a service (silent conversion) for more information. In addition, it must be started manually each time the server reboots unless it is configured as a service.

When a file type extension which is not supported is used in order to send faxes, it leads to the same issue. Refer to C:\ImgMaker\Conversion_Toolkit\README.txt for more information. The Document Conversion engine uses the native document application in order to render.

For example, in order to render a DOC file, the conversion engine needs to launch WORD. Then, under program control, the application is directed to create a print stream that is then rendered to a TIFF file. With this method, it can render any file format type that has an owner application that supports the print or PrintTo system command.

In order to confirm support for any document, from the Windows Explorer, right-click the document. Search for and choose print.  The document prints to the default print driver.  Applications that support print also support PrintTo, where the output can be directed to a specified printer.

Refer to Cisco Unity IP Fax Configuration Wizard for information about how to configure faxes.

Note: This tool is intended for low end voice mail only installs. It is not intended as a fully featured fax replacement for large installs and unified messaging (UM) environments.  Desktop access to faxes and fax functionality is mentioned in the documentation and client forms are provided for personal use, but these are use at your own risk features.  TAC support for this feature extends only to voice mail only usage and not to desktop.

Also, refer to Unity IP Fax Outbound Troubleshooting for more fax related issues and steps to resolve them.

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