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In Cisco Unity, when a message is sent to a public distribution list, the "This message has no address" error message is received

Core Issue

If the public distribution list (PDL) has an incorrect owner, a user can be unable to send a voice message to the phones of users in that PDL. This results in the receipt of this error message:

This message has no address.

This issue can also occur due to the bug : CSCee58992



In order to fix the issue, check the owner of the PDL. If it is a Cisco Unity Installer account, change it to the subscriber.

Public distribution lists are used in order to send voice messages to multiple subscribers. The subscribers assigned to a public distribution list typically are subscribers who need the same information on a regular basis, such as employees in a department or members of a team. The class of service that is associated with each subscriber account dictates whether subscribers can send messages to public distribution lists in Cisco Unity.

Refer to Public Distribution List Settings for more information.

Problem Type

Voicemail problems

Voicemail Problems

Voicemail behavior problems

Voicemail system or feature

Voicemail System


Failure Type

Error message

Unity Version

Unity 4.x

Unity Subscribers

Public distribution list

Voicemail, Conference, CRS/IPCC, Autoattendant and TTS/ASR Functions

Voicemail message

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