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In CRS 3.5, when the user selects Tools > Historical Reporting from the Cisco CRA administration menu, nothing appears in the user drop-down menu

Core Issue

Privileges have not been assigned to the Cisco CallManager user.


To assign privileges to a Cisco CallManager user who needs historical reporting privileges, perform these steps:

  1. Log in to the historical reporting client with the user name of the Cisco CallManager user. A dialog box appears, asking if the user wants to set the privileges in CRA Administration.

  2. Click Yes. The historical reporting privileges page appears.

  3. Assign historical reporting privileges to the user. The proper LogLevel (3) is required.

Note: The user maintenance and historical users pages use the same underlying directory Application Program Interface (API).

For more details about resolving Cisco Customer Response Applications (CRA) issues, refer to these documents:

Problem Type

Voice applications (CRS, PA, CCM Plugins, CER, CCC, MeetingPlace, etc.)

Failure Type

Bad operational behavior

Nothing displays: Not displayed, generated, created, etc.

Items cannot be selected

Customer Response Solution (CRS) Version

CRS 3.5

Customer Response Solution (CRS) Applications

IP Contact Center (IPCC) Express (formerly IP ICD)

Customer Response Solutions (CRS) Administration


Customer Response Solutions (CRS) Reporting

CRA historical data

Voice Applications

IP contact center (IPCC) express