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In the Cisco CallManager 4.x with Cisco Unity 4.x, how to disable the beep sounds for live records.

Core Issue

When a live call records, a loud beep plays, which makes the caller aware that the call is recorded.


In order to disable the beep, enter the appropriate value in the Unity > Tools Depot > Unity Advance settings > Conversation - Live record beep interval > Value ____ field.

By default, the live record feature in Cisco Unity 4.0(5) and later generates a 250 ms beep every 15 seconds during the record session. Adjust this value in order to cause the beep to happen more or less frequently. The setting is in milliseconds and indicates how long to wait between beeps. A value of 0 means no beeps play during the live record. Changes to this value require a Cisco Unity restart before they are active.

Note: The live record feature only works with Cisco CallManager.


HKEYLM\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\MIU\1.0\Initialization


Live Record Beep Interval


  • empty or missing plays beep every 15 seconds

  • 0 plays no beep

  • values greater than zero waits the specified number of milliseconds between beeps

Refer to these documents for more information about the live call record feature:

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