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In the Cisco Unity 4.x when a Subscriber is added through the Cisco Unity SA page, the "ERROR fetching MailStoreList (for server servername)hr=0x8004010F (0x9004010F) - Check that the AVDSGlobalCatalog is registered" error message appears

Core Issue

When you try to add subscribers through the Cisco Unity Administration page, the ERROR: "fetching MailStoreList (for server servername) hr=0x8004010F (0x9004010F) - Check that the AVDSGlobalCatalog is registered" error message appears.

If you restart the AVDSGlobalCatalog Service, this does not change the situation. All the permissions on the server are in place.


In order to resolve this issue, complete these steps from the Cisco Unity Server:

  1. Choose Start > Programs > MS Exchange 2003 > System Manager.

  2. Right-click First Organisation > Delegate Control Wizard.

  3. Make sure UnityDirSvc is the Full Exchange Administrator.

Check if this solves the issue.  If this issue still exists, complete the next set of instructions:

  1. Choose Start > Programs > MS SQL Server > Enterprise Manager.

  2. Expand Microsoft SQL Servers > SQL Server Group > your Cisco Unity server.

  3. Choose Databases > UnityDb > Tables > MailboxStore.

  4. Right-click Open Table > Return all rows.

  5. Hover over the HomeServer field and make sure you have the correct Exchange Server.

  6. Reload Cisco Unity.

For more information refer to When creating a Cisco Unity 4.x subscriber account, the user is unable to import the Exchange user - GC Monitor fails to monitor changes if global catalog server moves