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In the Cisco Unity Express, when the dial-by-name option is used in order to enter a one letter name, the Cisco Unity Express does not dial the number

Core Issue

When a one letter username exists in the Cisco Unity Express, and the dial-by-name option is used in order to dial it, the IP Phone prompts for additional letters after the respective key is pressed. A two letter username works fine.


Dial-by-name is a built in function of the Cisco Unity Express. It can only be used when there are no names that start from the letters in the key.

For example, if the letter T is used as a name, dial-by-name only works when there are no other names that start with T, U, or V. Otherwise, it requires a custom script, which is not supported by Cisco Technical Support.

Custom script support requires a special contract and there is a special group that handles it. Contact for queries related to custom scripts.

Refer to the Dial by name section of Creating a Basic IVR script for more information.

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