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Incoming calls from SIP trunk cannot be answered in CUBAC

We recently had a problem after adding a SIP trunk that terminated on CUBE.

The customer had an existing ISDN PRI, and incoming calls were passed into a Unity Connection call handler then to CUBAC if the caller chose the appropriate option.

Calls from the ISDN worked fine but SIP calls got stuck in the CUBAC and the caller would hear silence and be unaware of what was happing with their call, this would often result in the caller abandoning their call:


The answer was to check the ‘Media Termination Point Required’ option of the SIP trunk configuration page:


After enabling the option and resetting the SIP trunk. Calls passed directly into the ‘Active Calls’ and could be picked up by the CUBAC operator as normal.

VIP Super Bronze

We were having the same problem when an operator transferred a call to another number which CFNA/CFB to a SIP trunk-connected voicemail platform. We avoided the MTP by adding this registry key on all CUxAC users' PC:

HKLM\Software\Arc Solutions\Call Connect\Operator\Defaults\Direct Transfers (REG_SZ): ALL

Note that it will not appear until after you have logged into the client once. This breaks the camp-on feature but few people actually use that anyways.