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IPCC Enterprise [CCE] 7.0 integration with Oracle CRM

Hi All,

I need your help in terms of providing me guidence on below.

We have to implement IPCC Enterprise Suite (CVP,ICM) and intergrate it with Oracle CRM. And we havent done any kind of integration in the past and neither done CVP implementation and CVP Scripting only worked on IP IVR.

Can someone help me in providing me usefull tips or documents on how to intergate IPCC With Oracle CRM and how different CVP is from IPIVR.

I would like some expert advice in this.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!



You have to do lot of catch up or get some good consultants.  IP IVR is only a sub to ICM, enterprise scripting is all object oriented.  You should be able to download scripting guide from cisco site for ICM.  CVP is all vxml and is another powerful but different tool.

Integration with Oracle CRM (If its old siebel stuff) then you should look for Oracle CRM module guide for configuration and integration.

Good luck,



Does Oracle CRM Support ActiveX integration?

If answer is yes, you can develop a custom ActiveX using CTIOS Toolkit if you want to do a CTI integration (I think that you want it)

Hope it helps you.


If ICM scripting only, you could use ODBC Gateway, which allows ICM script to call SQL query or stored procedures,  we used to deploying it working with MS SQL, I believe it could work with Oracle as well.

If using CVP VXML server, it can be integrated with Websphere, which has module/interface with Oracle CRM for sure.


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