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IPIVR and CVP Comparision

What CVP Can Provide?

  • CVP provides an extensible development environment for creation of self-service applications (CVP Studio)
  • Centralized application development and administration
  • CVP provides the unique capability to route and queue calls at the edge of your network which offers huge flexibility and cost savings
  • CVP Studio can push the same application to multiple Web App Servers
  • CVP can direct calls among multiple call manager clusters, intermixed with 3rd party ACD's.CVP can also support more flexible call routing methods, such as PSTN take-back-and-transfer, and two-B-channel transfer (aka TBCT).

CVP as a Powerful and Flexible Self Service Solution

From a self service perspective, CVP offers a much more flexible and scalable solution for more sophisticated, dynamically personalized applications that can be integrated with a customer’s existing web infrastructure. IP-IVR is usually a better fit for smaller, single site IVR and CVP is much better if you have a larger/more complex IVR and also if you have a distributed self service requirement e.g multiple branch locations. CVP also leverages Java and Eclipse and other open standard technologies such as web services etc. which may be important to the customer.

Which one to select? IPIVR or CVP

  • Choose CVP if there are any legacy PBX's
  • Choose CVP if queuing at the edge would be beneficial (multiple sites)
  • Choose CVP if external VXML is needed
  • Choose CVP for large call capacity

-------- CVP 7.0 CRS / IPIVR
Number of Ports Per Server500 - H323 & 850 - SIP300 (All protocols)
Call Control ProtocolSIP/H323SIP/H323/MGCP
ASR/TTSMRCP Interface @ Voice GWMRCP Interface on CRS Server
Call ControlSIP/H323 under direction of ICMJTAPI under direction of CUCM
Scripting ToolCVP Studio (Eclipse Based)CRS Editor
Integration OptionsJava J2EE (Tomcat Websphere)Custom Java Objects (ODBC Database)
Deployment ModelsCentralized and DistributedCentralized Only
Media TerminationVoice gatewayCRS Server
Codec SupportAny mix on gatewayEither G.711 or G.729 set at installation