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Issue with Voice Recognition (Unity Connection 7.x)

If the Voice Commands Are Not Recognized



When users encounter issues with poor recognition of voice commands, the problem may stem from many sources—


  • The wrong command being used
  • Issues with pronunciation or foreign accent recognition
  • A poor phone connection
  • Jitter in the network, and so on.


Use the following troubleshooting steps to narrow down the source of the problem and to correct it:

1.Determine the nature of the problem.


     a. If the user is having a problem with a single command, please check "Voice Commands" for a table of preferred voice commands. Although the voice-recognition grammar files contain many synonyms for the preferred commands, it is not possible for them to contain every word or phrase a user might say. For the best performance, encourage users to use the preferred commands.


b. If the user is having a problem with Connection taking unintended actions without prompting for confirmation, or if Connection is prompting for confirmation too frequently, check the Voice Recognition Confirmation Confidence Threshold setting.


2. Try to reproduce the problem while running the Remote Port Status Monitor to determine which voice commands Connection thinks are being uttered. Check the "Using the Remote Port Status Monitor"


3. Capture and listen to user utterance files to determine if the problem is related to audio quality or accent recognition. Check the Using the Utterance Capture Trace to Review User Utterances"



4. Enable diagnostic traces and try to reproduce the problem with See the "Using Diagnostic Traces for Voice Recognition"



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