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Jabber is dialing incorrect number for a contact


Jabber is dialing incorrect number for a contact


When calling a contact in Jabber, Jabber attempts to dial an unexpected telephone number for that individual, which may break the dial rules configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager or result in fast busy.  Further, Jabber does not use the directory settings attribute mapping that you speficied in the server configuration on the Cisco Unified Presence server.


Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.0.1

Cisco Unified Communications Manager integrated with Microsoft Active Directory for LDAP services

Cisco Unified Presence


Jabber does not use the directory settings specified on the Cisco Unified Presence server, rather it relies on the global configuration file (jabber-config.xml) from the TFTP server to obtain the directory settings.  By default, the contact telephone number is mapped to the telephoneNumber attribute in AD; which is why you may observe Jabber attempting to call the full E.164 telephone number.  When the environment stores telephone numbers to use with the dial rules configured in CUCM in a different AD attribute, the admin must specify which attribute to look at in the global config file for Jabber to look there.


  1. Verify the Active Directory attribute which stores the telephone number you wish Jabber to search; for example "ipPhone"
  2. Download the existing global configuration file from your TFTP server
  3. Edit the global configuration file to specify the attribute you wish Jabber to use in the Directory tag, for example:
  4. Upload the TFTP file to CUCM and restart the TFTP service
  5. Restart Cisco Jabber on the desktop, it will download the new global configuration file and use the new attribute


Verify the global configuration file contains the correct parameters per documentation on


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New Member


Have you planned to implement preferredNumber as the first number tried by Jabber ?

It will allow easier integration with customer directory. In your exemple, you need to lost one field to add ipPhone.

Thanks to preferredNumber, you can let the default mapping, and just add as the highest priority any field.