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Jabber Mac does not find telephone number for contacts


Jabber Mac does not find telephone number for contacts


When performing a lookup for a contacts telephone number, the client returns a telephone number that is different than what is configured on that contact in Active Directory, or nothing at all.


Cisco Jabber for Mac 8.5.1

Cisco Unified Presence Server 8.5.1-10000-35

Active Directory LDAP integration


The BusinessPhoneNumber and/or PrimaryPhoneNumber attributes in CUPS is mapped to an attribute that doesn't exist.  The LDAP User Fields are case sensitive, so ipphone (is not a valid attribute in LDAP) is not the same as ipPhone (is a valid attribute in LDAP).


  1. In CUPS Administration pages, go to Application > Cisco Unified Personal Communicator > Settings
  2. Scroll down to the CUPC LDAP Attribute Mapping table
  3. Update the entries in the LDAP User Fields column to valid LDAP attributes in your LDAP directory; specifically checking for case sensitivity
  4. Save the changes
  5. Relaunch the Jabber Client


Verify LDAP attributes case sensitivity when entering in the configuration on CUPS.



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New Member

Has anyone seen any issue with J4M on OS 10.8.1?  When I have Jabber 8.6.1 installed, it will not connect to the Directory Server at all (AD LDAP via 389).  If I install 8.6.4, then it connects to DS but does not populate telephone numbers correctly/at all.

I have someone on OS 10.6.8 using J4M 8.6.1 and this issue is not present.  Likewise, J4W 9.0.3 works fine.

Any ideas?


Craig L. Pollitt