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Jabber Windows softphone registration fails with German characters in the password



Jabber Windows 10.5.0 does not register with CUCM as a Softphone if the end user password has any of these German characters - ü, ä, ö. This problem can be seen after upgrading to 10.5 from any 9.7(x) or with a fresh installation.


Components Used:-


Jabber Windows 10.5.0

Windows 7 64-Bit

Cisco Unified Communications Manager -




Problem Report will log these events:


2014-09-19 14:35:37,018 INFO  [0x00000fe0] [netutils\src\http\CurlHttpUtils.cpp(708)] [csf.httpclient] [http::CurlHttpUtils::configureEasyRequest] - *-----* Making HTTP request to:


But the response is a 401 Unauthorized:


2014-09-19 14:35:37,243 INFO  [0x00000fe0] [ls\src\http\BasicHttpClientImpl.cpp(373)] [csf.httpclient] [http::executeImpl] - *-----* HTTP response from:[7] -> 401.

2014-09-19 14:35:37,243 INFO  [0x00000fe0] [netutils\src\http\CurlHttpUtils.cpp(186)] [csf.httpclient] [http::CurlHttpUtils::getResponseCode] - Http Response Code = [401] for request [7].


 If the above URL is typed in a browser, we get a prompt to enter the credentials. Upon entering the same credentials, the proper output can be seen as an XML that contains the device list.


Next stage is the authentication failure that leads to this issue:


2014-09-19 14:35:37,247 ERROR [0x00000fe0] [src\callcontrol\Authenticator.cpp(331)] [csf.ecc] [ecc::Authenticator::authenticate] - authenticate() credentials rejected by, abandoning


2014-09-19 14:35:37,247 ERROR [0x00000fe0] [src\callcontrol\Authenticator.cpp(360)] [csf.ecc] [ecc::Authenticator::authenticate] - authenticate() failed [eCredentialsRejected]


2014-09-19 14:35:37,247 ERROR [0x00000fe0] [lcontrol\CallControlManagerImpl.cpp(696)] [csf.ecc.api] [ecc::CallControlManagerImpl::doAuthenticate] - doAuthenticate() failed [eCredentialsRejected]


2014-09-19 14:35:37,247 INFO  [0x00000fe0] [control\CallControlManagerImpl.cpp(2607)] [csf.ecc.evt] [ecc::CallControlManagerImpl::notifyAuthenticationStatusChange] - AUTHENTICATION_STATUS_CHANGE: eFailed


2014-09-19 14:35:37,247 INFO  [0x00000fe0] [lcontrol\CallControlManagerImpl.cpp(706)] [csf.ecc.api] [ecc::CallControlManagerImpl::getAuthenticationStatus] - getAuthenticationStatus() = eFailed


2014-09-19 14:35:37,247 ERROR [0x00000fe0] [TelephonyAdapterAuthentication.cpp(1026)] [TelephonyAdapter] [TelephonyAdapter::PerformAuthentication] - Failed to authenticate with CUCM AuthenticationStatus: [eFailed]


2014-09-19 14:35:37,248 ERROR [0x00000fe0] [TelephonyAdapterAuthentication.cpp(1027)] [TelephonyAdapter] [TelephonyAdapter::PerformAuthentication] - Failed to authenticate with CUCM Authentication Failure Code [eCredentialsRejected]


2014-09-19 14:36:19,043 DEBUG [0x0000014c] [lugin\HealthItemsDataStructures.cpp(113)] [plugin-runtime] [AddUpdateSubItem] - Setting Reason: status of Softphone to Invalid username or password entered. Go to Phone Services in the Options window and enter the correct username and password. If you don't know your login information contact your system administrator.




CSCur06927 is filed specifically for Softphone issue. It may or may not be applicable to Deskphone control issues with Jabber Windows. Hence further troubleshooting is required.

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