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MeetingPlace Express not sending calendar Invite

Enviroment: MeetingPlace Express with a partner Exchange 2003 server.

Configured settings: MPX 2.0 with Primary SMTP Exchange 2003 partner server. Group Default Email-type settings configured as "Exchange" (to have Exchange send meeting invitation with Outlook calendar invite).

Problem:Notifications are received with all call details, but without a Calendar invite when scheduled via the webpage. When scheduled by a user using the Outlook plugin, the invites contain a calendar appointment.

Test MPlace's login and connection to Exchange (MPX Admin page > System Configuration > E-Mail Service Administration > Exchange Server Configuration). Verify the credentials are correct, that the login within Exchange is not locked out or disabled and hit the Test button. If communication between the servers is successful, verify no Phone Label field has a character (MPX Admin page > System Configuration > Usage Configuration > "Label for access phone number [1-4]".) An ampersand (&) (and other foreign characters) in the Phone Label field causes the system to not successfully use Exchange to send the invite to put on the recipient’s Outlook calendar.

Workaround: The workaround is to change the & to ‘and’ and it works again. Likewise finding an equivalent word for other symbols or eliminating them altogether.