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Message recording fails for the calls forwarded to CUE voicemail

Calls from H323 gateways forwarded to CUE Voicemail may fail to record a message. This can be verified by hitting the # key after leaving the voicemail. The CUE will prompt "please leave a message that is at least two seconds in length".  This problem occurs on IOS gateways running 12.3(11)T6 and configured with "ip verify unicast reverse-path" on the H.323 interface. Also, the CME interface needs to be different than the H.323 interface for the problem to occur.


Configure the "ip verify unicast reverse-path 123", where 123 is an access-list that will allow IP packets from the CME's IP address to the CUE's IP address.

Example: If the fastethernet 0/1 (IP address is the H.323 interface and  the fastethernet 0/0 (IP address is the CME interface, while CUE's IP address is, then add the following access-list:

interface FastEthernet0/1
ip address
ip verify unicast reverse-path 123  <==== 123 is the access-list
h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr
access-list 123 permit ip host host

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