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MGCP, H.323 and SIP on Same Gateway

MGCP, H.323 and SIP on the same gateway

It is possible to have MGCP and H.323/SIP running on the same gateway at the same time, with some calls using MGCP and other calls using H.323 or SIP. MGCP is enabled per voice-port. Once configured, that port must always be under the control of MGCP. If there was a separate port without MGCP enabled, that port would route the calls using normal dial-peers with h323 or SIP. Calls that do not go through an MGCP-controlled voice-port can be treated as regular incoming CVP calls.

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I have to configure an FXO on our MGCP gateway. This FXO will be used for the local site emergency calls to 999.

I have local dial-peers and the gateway turn to use them when its in the SRST mode but when the site is online

those dial-peers get ignored.

can you please give some example of how to configure so that everthing in MGCP but only that FXO uses H323 for 999 calls.