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Missing 0 on redirected call


So i got everything up and running (cme 8.1 on 2951) with one Problem: If i call a phone, answer th call there and redirect the call to a external number, then i have to dial an extra 0 to make it work. So when im normally dialing my (Austrian) Number, i dial 007276xxx (the first 0 for the secondary dialtone, the second one is part of the number). If i hafe to transfer an incoming call to that number, i have to dial 0007276xxx. When i dial the first 0 i get a "busy" dialtone, but if i dial on, i finnally get the second call ad can transfer the incoming coll to this. Has anyone an idea?

My translation rules:

voice translation-rule 10
rule 1 /^\(.*\)/ /000\1/ type national national
rule 2 /^\(.*\)/ /0000\1/ type international international
voice translation-rule 20
rule 1 /^$/ /995/
rule 2 /^0.*/ /995/
voice translation-profile incomingcall
translate calling 10
translate called 20

voice-port 0/3/0
translation-profile incoming incomingcall
compand-type a-law
cptone AT
timeouts interdigit 3

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