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MWI is not turning off or on for all Cisco IP phones and voice mail is integrated via a VG248 using SMDI

Core Issue

After checking all voice mail messages, the message waiting indicator (MWI) lamp remains on. This is happening for almost all users even if it previously worked. Recently, there was a change to the Simplified Message Desk Interface (SMDI) calling search space (CSS) for a Cisco Unity integration.

In looking at the Cisco CallManager traces, the SMDI port, when trying to dial the MWI on/off number, is matching a 'None' Translation Pattern (one that matches no digits) in a security partition named PLAR_Security. Since there is a match before dialing any digits, the MWI on/off number is never dialed.


To resolve the issue, remove the security partition (in this case PLAR_Security) from the CSS for the SMDI port.

Note: Ensure that the SMDI port is reset after the change is made to the CSS.

In this case, the SMDI port CSS did not actually appear to have access to the PLAR_Security partition. Since some work had been carried out recently on the Cisco Unity integration, the suspicion is that the CSS had already been changed back to the correct configuration (without the security partition) but the port was not reset after the CSS was changed back. Reset the particular port to start the MWI again.

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