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Night Service on SIP Phones



Night service feature allow CME admin to define time periods which are considered as night service hours.  The phones which are participating in night service feature will receive special ringing tone during night service hours.
Optionally, you can configure night service override code. This will allow phone user to toggle night service off during night service hours, i.e. the phone will receive traditional ringing tone.
Note: Entering override code at ephone participating in night service will toggle the service for all participating ephones NOT only the ephone where code is entered.
For Night Serivce configuration on SCCP Phones, please refer to following document.



In CME version 3.0 Night service was introduced.


In CME Version 3.3 The behavior of the night-service code was changed. Previously, using the night-service code at a phone either enabled or disabled night service for the ephone-dns on that phone. Now, using the night-service code at a phone enables or disables night service for all night-service ephone-dns. i


In CME Version 4.0 The night-service everydaynight-service weekday, and night-service weekend commands were introduced.


Components Used

 Cisco 2811 Router. IOS-:c2800nm-adventerprisek9_ivs-mz.151-4.M1.bin

SIP  IP Phones

SCCP  IP Phones



Night Service in SIP Phones

  • Register a SIP Phone with CME.

 voice register dn  2

number 3999

call-forward b2bua all 3998 ##Forward the call to dummy ephone-dn


  •  Create a dummy ephone-dn

 ephone-dn  35  dual-line## Dummy ephone-dn

number 3998 ##Dummy ephone no.

call-forward all 1026

call-forward night-service 1025## Forward the call to the required dn during night service

night-service bell


  •  Create a dummy ephone

 ephone  98###Dummy ephone

device-security-mode none

mac-address 1234.1234.1234 ##Provide a dummy mac address

button  1:35 ##Associate dummy ephone-dn to this dummy ephone

night-service bell


Now if we will make a call to 3999(SIP Phone) when night service is active then it will be redirected to 1025 otherwise the call will be forwarded to 1026 when night service is not active.



 CME does not support Night Service for SIP Phones officially.

 The official release of Night Service for SIP Phones is expected in CY 2015

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This is now supported directly on SIP endpoints:

As of CME 11.5.. 15.6 code