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Nightly Cisco UnityDb backup schedule does not work on the Cisco Unity 4.0.3 server. The user receives the "SqlNightlyBackupJob Failed" error message in the application event viewer

Core Issue

In Cisco Unity 4.0.3, the application log shows this error message:

"SQLSERVERAGENT 208 SQL Server Scheduled Job 'SqlNightlyBackupJob' (0xDD76B87067B64E4EA8BE7C8EE0B05F59) - Status: Failed - The Job was invoked by Schedule (Nightly UnityDb Backup Schedule). The last step to run was step 2 (BackupUnityDbLog)".

Cisco Unity 4.0(5) and earlier versions where the Unity installation account has had privileges revoked or the account is disabled. The hard drive may not be full, but the Unity database and/or logfiles exceed 100MB for every 10K Unity subscribers in the environment.


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. On the Cisco Unity server, open a command prompt.

  2. Type osql -E.

  3. Type Alter database UnityDb set recovery Full.

  4. Type go.

  5. Type quit.

  6. Open Enterprise Manager. If MSDE is not installed, refer to Installing Administration Software for MSDE 2000.

  7. Drill down to sqlservergroup\local server\Management\Sql Server Agent\Jobs. If the jobs failed in the past, there is a red X on SqlNightlyBackupJob and SqlWeeklyBackupJob.

  8. Right click on SqlWeeklyBackupJob, and select Start Job After a few minutes, hit the key to refresh the status.  

  9. Repeat for SqlNightlyBackupJob.

For additional information, refer to Backing Up and Restoring a Cisco Unity System.

This issue is also resolved in the Cisco Unity versions Unity 4.1(1) and later. To resolve the issue, upgrade to Cisco Unity versions Unity 4.1(1) or later which can be downloaded from Software Download-Cisco Unity 4.1 Software .

For related information, refer to the following Cisco Known Issues.

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