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No action occurs when audio files are placed in the DropMOHAudioSourceFilesHere folder - MoH Audio Translator does not translate audio files

Core Issue

The Music on Hold (MoH) Audio Translator is not translating audio files. This problem occurs if the audio files are moved to the C:\ProgramFiles\Cisco\MOH\DropMOHAudioSourceFilesHere folder. Moving the audio files carries existing file permissions that prevent the translator from working.

When MOH Audio Translator encounters a file sharing violation it retries for 30 seconds and then gives up. No further retries are performed unless another wav file is deposited in the DropMOH folder.

The Windows File Explorer opens the file(s) after they are pasted into the folder. This occurs when Explorer is configured to use Web View instead of Classic View. The Web view provides the user with the ability to play wav files and displays information about the files.

While it is impossible to keep Explorer from opening the file, it is possible to process the file after the user closes Explorer or moves on to another path. Processing will be automatically retried every 60 seconds.


Always copy the audio files into the C:\ProgramFiles\Cisco\MOH\DropMOHAudioSourceFilesHere folder for the audio files to be translated. Do not move the audio files.

If this workaround does not solve the problem, try the following:

  • Delete the DropMOH folder, restart the MOH Audio Translator service (the folder will be recreated), and paste the wav file into the folder.
  • In the Windows File Explorer, use the Classic Folders view (Tools > Options) for Explorer.

    When Explorer has the file open, the operating system will not allow the MOH audio translator to process and move the file from the DropMOH directory.

This problem is documented by the Cisco bug ID: CSCea13185.

Refer to the Creating Audio Sources section of Music On Hold for more information.

Problem Type

Call control software (CallManager, CallManager Express, ICS7750, SRST, SS7 call agents)

Call Control


CallManager Features

Music on hold (MoH)

Failure Type

Bad operational behavior

Nothing happens

CallManager Versions

CallManager 3.x

CallManager 4.x

CallManager Services

Cisco MOH audio translator

Music on Hold (MoH)

Music file translation

C:\Program Files\Cisco\MOH\DropMOHAudioSourceFilesHere

C:\Program Files\Cisco\MOH

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