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No music plays with a live music source

Core Issue

Cisco CallManager supports 50 .wav file audio sources and a single live audio source, also known as a fixed audio source.

Input for the live stream can be the microphone or the line in port on a PC sound card.

Note: Cisco CallManager supports these sounds cards. However, this is constantly revised:

  • SoundBlaster 16 PCI sound card.
  • Cisco 7815 platform built-in sound card.

Two problems commonly seen with the live audio source are:

  • Configuration of the Music on Hold (MoH) fixed audio source device.
  • Selection of the live audio input.


Use this procedure to avoid these issues:

  1. Verify that the name of the audio device in the Music on Hold (MoH) fixed audio source device field is exactly the same as the device name for your sound card. This name can be checked through the Windows recording control applet by selecting Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Multimedia > Audio Tab > Sound Recording > Volume Button.
  2. Select the correct input source through the Windows recording control.

    If the wrong input source is selected, then blank audio packets stream to the held device. Also ensure that the volume is sufficiently loud.

For further background information on resolving this problem and other MoH problems, refer to these documents:

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