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Not full ANI is presented for forwarded calls

i have a situation, iam running 6.1.3-1124 , when i dial to mobile, i see CLI as 9 digits as ANI , but the when call is forwarded i see only 8 digits as ANI ,

Telcom is confirmed that they are doing stripping any digits for forwarded calls,  i tried prefix in Route list , it's not working, for testing purpose i added a single extra digit for external phone mask, the calls is not routing to pstn ,there is no translation in gateway,

From the debug vpm signal , debug voip vtps inout , i see only 7 digits is sent from ucm to gateway for forwarded calls, but for nornal call to mobile it sends 8 digits,  telco  prefix 0 to the CLID to display as 9 Digits for normal calls , but for forwarded calls it display 8 digits as CLID. because 7 digits is sent to voice gateway.

is there any thing iam missing ,, pls mail me

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That is question, not a document, and should not be posted here.