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Not getting Historical Reports in CCX


I am not able to retrieve the Historical data dated before November 13th 2010 from IPCCX server. However when I select any date after Nov 13, I am getting the call information in the report.

When we try to pull records before 13th Nov, we do not get anything but the blank report.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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Cisco Employee

What version of UCCX are you running? Is this a single server or HA. did you recetnly upgrade. If this is HA HR are generated from the Secondary server and thus replication of the database could be the issue. Go into appadmin and check this by looking at each of the datastores. If you see erros, they will be in RED. You can temproarily point the HR client to the primary by chging the server it points to when you first launch it. The data shoudl be on the primary if in fact you are having a replication issue.