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On a new install of Cisco CallManager 4.x, Insertcdr.exe causes high CPU . CPU increases to 100 percent

Core Issue

After you configure a new Cisco CallManager Server, Insertcdr.exe spikes the CPU Utilization to 100 percent all the time and no other processing takes place. This happens after you enable the Call Detail Records (CDR) Insert Service on the Cisco CallManager.


It has been observed that when CDR Enabled flag  is set to False, Insertcdr.exe spikes the CPU Utilization to high. In order to resolve this issue, change the CDR Enabled flag to True and restart the Cisco CallManager Service.

In regards to the different Cisco Services on the Cisco CallManager, not all services need to run, which depends on which features you use or not, and some can be disabled. It is recommended to disable those you do not use.

Refer to Services and the Cisco CallManager System Not Responding section of Cisco CallManager System Issues for more information on various services and other systems Cisco CallManager Server issues.