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On Cisco Emergency Responder, emergency calls are not routed to the correct PSAP

Core Issue

There are several possible causes for emergency calls to not route to the correct Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).


Check whether the route patterns used for the Emergency Response Location (ERL) from which the call was made and for the default ERL are configured and use the correct partitions and calling search spaces. Refer to the Creating the Route Patterns for emergency location identification numbers (ELINs) section of Configuring Cisco CallManager for Cisco Emergency Responder.

Ensure that the partitions and calling search spaces for the gateways are correct. Refer to  the Configuring the Calling Search Space for the Gateways Used to Connect to the PSAP section of Configuring Cisco CallManager for Cisco Emergency Responder.

If an emergency call successfully leaves your network but does not get routed to the correct PSAP, refer to these possible points of failure:

  • Is Cisco Emergency Responder configured to assign the correct Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN) to the ERL assigned to the phone? Emergency calls are routed based on the ELIN, so if you assign the wrong ELIN, the call is not routed correctly. Refer to the Creating ERLs section of Configuring Cisco Emergency Responder.

Note:  If the call reaches the PSAP, but the PSAP cannot talk to the caller, ensure that the Cisco CallManager for the remote Cisco Emergency Responder group has the Cisco CallManager for the local Cisco Emergency Responder group defined as a gateway.

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