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On Cisco Unity 4.0(4) with Microsoft Exchange 2003 offbox, a failsafe is heard when voicemail is sent. The "IAvDohMessage:Submit returned [0x800404dc] on line 859 of file" error message is received in the application event log

Core Issue

After the Microsoft Security Update MS06-019 - Vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange Could Allow Remote Code Execution Cisco Unity cannot deliver voice messages to subscribers when all of these statements are true:

  • The Cisco Unity server runs Cisco Unity version 4.0(1) through 4.1(1).   

    Note: Earlier and later versions are not affected.

  • The Microsoft Exchange mailboxes for the affected subscribers are homed either in Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2000.    

  • The Active Directory accounts associated with the affected subscribers belong to one or more administrative groups, for example, Enterprise Admins, Schema Admins, Domain Admins, or Administrators.    

  • The Permissions Wizard that was last run in order to grant permissions to the installation and services accounts is older than version, dated September 8, 2004.  

    Note: The version of the Permissions Wizard currently installed on the Cisco Unity server is not necessarily the version that was used in order to set permissions. When Cisco Unity is upgraded, a new version of Permissions Wizard is automatically installed.



Complete these steps in order to resolve this issue:

  1. Download the latest version of the applicable Permissions Wizard:

  2. Run the Permissions Wizard on the existing installation, directory services, and message store services accounts. Refer to the Permissions Wizard help for more information.

Refer to Unity for Exchange Cannot Deliver Messages to Some Subscribers After MS06-019 is Installed.

Alternatively, KB916803 can also be uninstalled from Microsoft Exchange server. Reboot the Microsoft Exchange server followed by Cisco Unity after the KB916803 is uninstalled.

Problem Type

Voicemail problems

Voicemail Problems

Voicemail behavior problems

Voicemail system or feature

Voicemail System


Failure Type

Bad operational behavior

Incorrect tone, music, greeting, prompt, message, announcement, etc.

Error message

End Where Problem is Heard or Device Type Involved

IP phone

Unity Errors

IAvDohMessage::Submit returned [0x800404dc] on line 859 of file

Unity Version

Unity 4.x

Voicemail, Conference, CRS/IPCC, Autoattendant and TTS/ASR Functions

Failsafe message

Mail Packages

Exchange 2003