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Onsite alert personnel do not get telephone alerts when an emergency call is made in an Emergency Response Location

Core Issue

This can be caused by an incorrect calling search space configuration or a problem with the cluster configuration in Cisco Emergency Responder.


Make sure all the phones and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) ports (both device and line) are in the phones partition and use the phone calling serach space. You can use additional partitions, but the partitions must be set up related to the Cisco ER partitions and calling search spaces in the same manner as the partitions in the examples described in the Setting Up Emergency Responder to Handle Emergency Calls section of Configuring Cisco CallManager for Emergency Responder.

Also, ensure that the Cisco ER configuration for the Cisco CallManager cluster is correct. The Cisco ER configuration should show the correct beginning address for the Telephony ports you defined as CTI ports in Cisco CallManager, and the number of Telephony ports should be the correct number. It must be greater than 0 for any calls to occur. Cisco ER uses these CTI ports to place the telephone calls to onsite alert personnel.

If the Microsoft Windows Event Viewer shows the No port to place call error message, this means that there were not enough CTI ports defined to initiate all the calls to onsite alert personnel. Define more ports.

For more details on resolving Cisco Emergency Responder issues, refer to these documents:

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