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Pause In Speed Dial CUCM 9.x

The Pause in Speed Dial feature enables users to set up the speed dial feature to reach destinations that require a Forced Authorization Code (FAC), Client Matter Code (CMC), dialing pauses, and additional digits (such as a user extension, a meeting access code, or a voicemail password) without manual intervention. Comma is accepted in speed dial as delimiter and pause.

This Feature allows two methods of configuration:

Method 1:- Using comma as a pause and also as a delimiter

                                     -Comma used to delineate dial string, FAC, CMC, and post connect digits

                                      -For post connect digits, commas insert a 2 second delay

             -Commas may be duplicated to create longer delays

Method 2:- Dial string/FAC/CMC/Post connect digits with no commas.

                                     -All digits to be used for dial string, FAC, CMC and post call digits entered as one string

             -Once a digit string has been matched, CUCM moves on to next digit string

             -Can be used on SCCP and SIP phones, but required for CUPC

Some Examples.

  • 914085551212,,,,123456

Will dial 914085551212, after connect, wait 8 seconds to dial 123456

  • 90114455612323#,2244

FAC for International Calls. Will dial 90114455612323# with FAC of 2244

  • 914085551212,6534,5656,,,9933

Will dial 91408551212, with a FAC of 6534 and CMC of 5656, wait 6 seconds, the dial the DTMF digits 9933

  • 914085551212653456569933

Will dial 914085551212 with a FAC of 6534 and CMC of 5656, then immediately after connect, dial 9933


Ronak, Very informative ! Thanks for sharing.



Great doc!

New Member


Do you know how to dial some number (send DTMF) after connect in the case that you are not using CMC and/or FAC..

i need this for Cisco Jabber, so i can't use the comma character

for example 22322852312345 (223228523 - phone number, 12345 send DTMF after connect)



New Member

FYI, This feature is not supoorted for:

SNR ( in case an auth/access code is required). Or for any other such feature like Jabber etc.