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PG and CTIOS Server Installation and Configuration

CUCM PG Installation for CUCCE






JTAPI Client Installation

It is mandatory to install the jtapi client on the CUCM PG (which is PG1 in this setup) machine. So that it can talk to the CUCM via JTAPI interface. Download the client from the CUCM and install it on the PG1 machine.


Once done, there is a new process called jtapigw on the PG1 server which should be active even if no agent or phones are created in the CUCM. Don't forget to associate the agent's phone devices and CTI Route Point with the "jtapi" user in CUCM.


VRU PG (CVP PG) Installation

VRU PG communicates with CVP.


5000 is the default VRU connect port for CVP.




Install CTI Server (CG or CTI PG)

CTI Server (ctisvr) can also be called CG (it can be think of as CTI PG although it is not the right name). It connects to CTI OS Server using ctidriver service running on the CTI OS Server machine.

Logically it can be viewed as following


From the installation menu select CTI Server option



42027 is the listening port on the CG. And in the later section of this document, you will notice that we will configure CTIOS Server so that it can connect to CTI Server (CG) on port 42027



CTIOS Server Installation



The Peripheral ID here is the same ID that was assigned during the CUCM PG configuration in the Configuration Manager on AW. Because essentially the agent desktop will talk to the CUCM IP Phone.


The listen port is where CTI Desktop Agent will connect. This port will also be used if a secondary CTIOS Server wants to talk to this one in High Availability environment or setting.





After the installation is done, install necessary patches.


Finesse Server Configuration

  • Finesse Server directly talks to CG or or ctisvr process.
  • Finesse Server does not need CTIO Server to be installed.
  • If you recall we installed CG with the listenining port of 42027.
  • Following screen shot shows the Finesse admin configuration part

  • IP address is the IP address of CG server and CG server listening port is 42027
  • 5000 is the PG/CG ID
  • Finesse admin gui can be accessed using the following URL <IP-Address>/cfadmin

  • Finesse web agent desktop screen can be accessed by browsing to the IP address of Finesse server

Next Step - AW Configuration Manager Setting for Contact Center

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New Member


Thanks a ton mate for posting this information.

Most useful!




Thanks a lot for appreciating it and commenting on this doc. Feedbacks really help us understand what customer are looking for and allow us to buy more time to produce such documents on the frequent basis.


well done man, excellent effort.

New Member

In similar way can MRPG be configured?

New Member

I was trying to install the CTIOS on the same machine where ctisvr is  installed but it is giving a error saying port 42027 is in use and cti os installation fails.

also if i want to use the CAD option what should i do

Thanks in advance


New Member

Probably it's better to use the default ctios port (42028).

New Member

Hi Shahzad, 

Thanks for this detailed steps. For finesse what is the purpose of the AWDB server IP configuration, does finesse talk to AWDB for fetching the configuration data? 

VIP Super Bronze

Hi Salim, 

Finesse needs to authenticate agents when they attempt to login against the AW server. This is why you need to provision the AW server finesse talks to.