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Phone security profile


Phone security profiles allow us to group security-related settings for a phone type and
protocol that we can then assign to a device. The device will then be required to enforce
those settings.


To configure a phone security profile, perform the following:

1. Navigate to the phone security profile page , System ->Security -> Phone Security Profile

2. Click Add New.

3. From the Product Type drop-down, select the appropriate device type.

4. Select the appropriate protocol from the drop-down.
Product Type: Cisco 7945
Select the phone security profile protocol:* SCCP

5. Click Next.

6. Specify a Name.

7. From the Device Security Mode drop-down, select the desired mode.

8. If desired, check TFTP Encrypted Config.

9. Specify the Authentication Mode.

10. Configure the Phone security profile information

Product Type: Cisco 7945
Device Protocol: SCCP
Name = Secure 7945
Device security Mode = Authenticated
Authentication Mode = By Authentication String
Key Size (Bits)* = 1024

SIP Device Configuration

1. Specify the Transport Type.
2. If desired, check Enable Digest Authentication.
3. If using digest authentication and if desired, check Exclude Digest Credentials
in Configuration File.
4. If required, change the SIP Phone Port.
5. Click on Save.

Phone device needs to be reseted. After the phone security profile is applied, the phone will now enforce the settings as configured in the security profile.

Finding Phones That Use Phone Security Profiles

1. on CUCM Administration Page, Go to Device > Phone
2. Choose the search parameter security profile from the drop-down list
> Choose a search pattern and specify the appropriate search text

3. Click Find

All matching records display. You can change the number of items that display on each page by choosing a different value from the Rows per Page drop-down list box.

4. From the list of records that display, click the link for the record that you want to view.


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