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Placing call from GUI works great but can't call from SX20

The issue we are facing right now with the We conducted a series of off-network tests yesterday and our unit xx.xx. xxx .100 cannot succeffully place calls from the SX20 unit itself. Using the web interface there was no problem.

With the exception of the SIP ports, all other ports are open.

But that should not be a show stopper,its either SIP or H.323.

What configuration on the units need to be entered based on the current static ip setup(since we are not using a management server for provisioning).

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Cisco Employee

Hey Darrell,

I think you meant to choose "Start a discussion" to post your question instead of "Create a document".  This will allow for discussion as well as Q&A pairing once you get your answer.

- Paula


I guess Paula is right

Well Darrell, I am guessing it's a very simple question !! I might be wrong But I'll try to close the discussion with one statement:

Whenever you're using the Web GUI, you have the flexibility to choose the protocol being used to make the call. You can either choose SIP or H.323 which ever is set on your endpoint correctly. However, when you use the codec itself to make the call, the default protocol is used to make that call. I bet that your default protocol is set to something which you have not setup. You can change that using this command:

xConfiguration Conference 1 DefaultCall Protocol: <H323/Sip/H320>

Hope this answers your question


Mubashshir Akhtar