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Presence Server 8 + Web Conferencing (Building BoQ)

Dear gents,

I have a submission for a tender, the customer asking for presence + CUPC and wants to use the same for IM, Voice, Video and Web conferencing,

I have quoted Presence server + CUPC and also Meeting Place Express for Web Conferencing, My question is If I want to quote Meeting Place instead of MPE (only for Web option) what I need exaclty to build my BoQ.

Do you this the below is enough for me

Product                       Description                                                                     Quantity 

MP8-SW                        MeetingPlace 8.x Software                                                        1        

MP8-AUDIO-10                  MeetingPlace 8.x Audio User Addon - 10 users                              20       

MP8-FAILOVER                  MeetingPlace 8.x Application Server Failover                               1    

MP8-WEBSCHED                  MeetingPlace 8.x Web Scheduling                                                  1   

MP8-UCM8-NODE                 MeetingPlace 8.x UC Manager Node                                                  1    

MP8-AUDIO                     MeetingPlace 8.x Audio Concurrent Users                                         20   

MP8-AUDIO-FO                  MeetingPlace 8.x Audio Concurrent Users for Failover Server          20        

MP8-WEBSCHED-EXP              MeetingPlace 8.x Web Scheduling Auto-Expansion                               4     

CON-ESW-MP8AUDIO              ESSENTIAL SW MeetingPlace 8.x Audio Concurrent Users                    20      

CON-ESW-MP8AUDI0              ESSENTIAL SW MeetingPlace 8.x Audio User Addon                              20         

CON-ESW-MP8SW                 ESSENTIAL SW MeetingPlace 8.x Software                                           1      

+ MCS server or use only Customer VMware Blade

Any one can help.



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Pl post your queries under the discussions for faster response. Thanks.