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Problems deleting old department listings in attendant console

Core Issue

To depict correct department listings, refer to the Global Directory in Cisco CallManager. New departments are correctly listed with the attendant console, but the old departments that have been deleted still show up in the department drop-down list.

Normally, changing information in the Global Directory is reflected in the drop-down list within the attendant console. It is possible that some other factor has caused the problem with the Data Connection (DC) directory. For example, it could be caused by re-installing a Cisco CallManager subscriber.


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. To restart the DC directory service, go to Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Services.

  2. If this process does not repair the problem, the DC directory may need to be reconfigured on Cisco CallManager.

    Perform these steps:

    1. Download DCDScripts.1-0-5.exe from Software Download: Cisco CallManager Version 3.2.

    2. Copy and run DCDScripts.1-0-5.exe on all the nodes in the Cisco CallManager cluster and on the Customer Response Applications (CRA) and Customer Response Solution (CRS) application servers. Accept the default settings when prompted to do so and click Unzip.

      Note: You need to run the script in Disk Operating System (DOS) and supply the directory manager password, which by default is ciscocisco.

For more information, refer to Fixing Problems with DC Directory.

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CallManager 3.x

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