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Problems occur after restoring the Cisco CallManager database from the production server to a lab environment and Cisco IP Phones experience faulty operation due to mismatched Cisco CallManager versions

Core Issue

In an attempt to build a replacement Cisco CallManager in preparation for the  upgrade to Cisco CallManager version 3.3, another Cisco CallManager 3.1 has been built and  a backup from the production server has been restored. However, test IP phones on this particular  server do not work, and immediately go to fast-busy when going to off-hook.


When simulating a lab environment, it is best to use the same versions of software that the  production environment has. In this particular instance, the production server is running   Cisco CallManager 3.1(2c), but the lab server is running Cisco CallManager 3.1(4b).

The restore of the 2c database is not going to work on the 4b, and if it  did, unforeseen problems are likely to occur.

Downgrade the lab server to  the same  Cisco CallManager version as the production server  (the correct way to test production servers). In this particular scenario, the downgrade to  Cisco CallManager 3.1(2c) resolved all of the issues.